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Bulwark Passkey

An open-source passkey manager for the future of passwordless logins.

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Easy and Secure

A New Passkey Manager

Bulwark Passkey allows you to experience the ease-of-use and security of passkeys without the need for a physical device.

Unphishable Authentication

Passkeys allow you to log in or add a second factor of authentication, without any secret passwords or one-time codes. Just hit "Approve" on the app!

Sync Across Your Devices

Bulwark Passkey syncs your credentials across all your devices. Windows and Linux are currently supported, with Mac support coming soon.

One Click Approval

No need to grab your phone, open your email, or copy any codes. Just hit "Approve" and you're in!

Completely Open Source

Bulwark Passkey is open source, which means you can easily audit the code or export your data from it. No vendor lock-in!


The Passwordless Future

Passkeys are an industry standard that allows you to log into websites without passwords or codes.

Entirely Unphishable

Since passkeys dont have codes or passwords, they cannot be phished at all. Each login only works for the website that it was created for.

Passwordless Login

Passkeys are based on strong encryption keys stored in software, and don't require you to enter any passwords or codes to login.

Next Generation of Security

Passkeys are an industry standard by the FIDO Alliance and W3C, and are being adopted by websites worldwide. See the current list at

Safe from Hacked Servers

Because Passkeys are based on cryptographic key pairs, websites never have access to your login secrets. If a website gets hacked, your login secrets are safe on your device!

Test your apps without hardware

Bulwark Passkey is a virtual FIDO2 device, allowing you to test the latest industry standards without buying a hardware device, like a Yubikey.


WebAuthN (otherwise known as passkeys) is a new industry standard supported by W3C and the FIDO Alliance. Bulwark Passkey allows you to test your implementation of the protocol with no hardware device.

Two Factor Authentication

Bulwark Passkey also supports U2F, the older protocol used by two factor authentication devices like Yubikeys. Test your flow without plugging anything in!

Team-wide Collaboration

Bulwark Passkey credentials can be synced across many devices with one account, allowing your team to collaborate or access needed credentials for testing without sharing any hardware.

Local-only storage

Don't want to store your credentials on an account, or need to test something without internet? No problem! Bulwark Passkey supports storing your credentials only on the single device the app is running on.

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